HydroResist by Metabo

"HydroResist" by Metabo

Cutting and Grinding Discs

Cutting and grinding discs are made with a natural or synthetic abrasive grain material bonded together in a “matrix” to form a disc.

Whilst the type and size of the abrasive grains are important, it is actually the bond holding them together that is more significant in terms of disc performance and longevity.

Depending on the purpose of the disc, manufacturers will formulate a bond that determines the disc “hardness” rating and its ability to hold or release the abrasive grain before it exposes new grains to perform the work required. 


Resinoid bonds are the most popular for cutting and grinding discs as they offer increased shock resistance and are able to operate at higher peripheral speeds, making them well suited to the demands of fast stock removal and cut-off applications.

Depending on the purpose of the disc, the bond "matrix" is created by combining  additional  reinforcement and a variety of fillers and other grinding-aid materials to hold the abrasive grains in place.

The bond used will also determine the space between the abrasive grains and any voids, or gaps, between them to aid in releasing worn grains before exposing new ones.

Water and Moisture

Water and moisture are the natural enemies of many materials. Cutting and grinding discs are no exception as the voids created in the bond matrix increase their porosity.

As resin bonded discs absorb moisture from the air, the bond between the abrasive grains becomes less stable as the disc ages, thereby reducing performance and also the life of the disc.

Hot work environments, or locations where humidity can be particularly high, will only multiply these effects.

Unfortunately, moisture absorption occurs even when the discs are not in use and the thinner the disc, the more susceptible it is to the effects of moisture.

The Solution

Metabo have developed their special HydroResist bonding formula to minimise moisture damage, and the resulting loss of performance, through added protection of the abrasive grain.

This new "resin-over-resin" formula reduces porosity levels by surrounding the abrasive grains to provide additional moisture and heat resistance.

The added benefit is a stronger overall bond, which optimises connection of the grain to the bonding material to make better use of the abrasive grains by preventing them from breaking off prematurely.

Your Benefits

Aside from a longer disc life through a reduction in moisture absorption, the additional bonding strength of the HydroResist formula increases the service life of the disc, which will typically increase cutting output by 10%.

Industrial users will benefit greatly from the increased tool life and overall improvement in cutting and grinding performance, which all translates to fewer purchases and lower costs over time.

The “HydroResist” Range

The HydroResist formula is available in the Metabo “Flexiarapid Super” range of cutting discs and also the “Combinator” cutting and grinding combination disc, all available from TSPC. Visit us today at surfaceprepco.com