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Bristle Blasting technology provides the only viable solution where traditional grit blasting is not possible, or feasible.

  • Easily remove corrosion, mill scale and existing coatings
  • Create surface cleanliness comparable to Sa 2.5 abrasive blast standards
  • Generate anchor profiles up to 120 micron

Environmentally friendly, non-grinding process that is grit-free, eliminating the need for site containment and waste disposal.

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The MBX® achieves fast and easy removal of rust, coatings, adhesives and other contaminants from a range of hard and soft surfaces.

With an environmentally friendly, non-grinding process, the MBX® achieves surface cleanliness levels greater than angle grinders or sanding discs, and can produce a surface roughness (anchor profile) up to 40 micron.

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TSPC stocks a range of professional power tools, selected for their class-leading performance and safety features for the highest productivity in steel processing and surface preparation.

Pneumatic, Cordless and Electric options available.

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Our Surface Profiling Kits include all the tools and accessories needed for on-site maintenance, repair and asset inspection tasks.

Custom Pelican™ Protector Cases provide easy mobility and protection of your valuable equipment in the harshest industrial work environments.

  • Achieve surface cleanliness equivalent to abrasive blasting standards Sa 2.5 to Sa 3
  • Generate anchor profiles up to 120 micron.
  • Pneumatic, Electric and Cordless options.
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The Montipower Vinyl Zapper® easily and quickly removes adhesive residue, reflective film, vinyl stickers, decals, FRP linings and double-sided adhesive tape from a range of surfaces.

  • No paint damage to OEM paint surfaces
  • No surface damage on metal, aluminium, glass, fibreglass or hard wood
  • No heat damage or smearing on substrate
  • Leaves no adhesive residue
  • No vibration or jumping – reducing operator fatigue
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TSPC stocks a wide range of accessories to keep your projects running smoothly and safely.

Contact us to discuss our products and their many applications for your industry.

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