MBX Cordless TOOL ONLY (SB-399)

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MBX Cordless Tool Only

The Cordless MBX® is ideally suited to rope access projects, marine environments and work sites where fixed power sources are not readily available.

Tool features include both a dead man paddle switch and attachment point for safety lanyards.

MBX Cordless Drive Unit (SB-399)
Adaptor System, 23mm
 700 w
Rotational speed 2200 rpm
Battery type LiHD, 18V


NOTE: Batteries, chargers and accessories available separately.


  • 100% compatibility with all batteries and chargers of the CAS brands
  • 25 minutes battery life when used with 18v 8Ah battery (typical)
  • 31 minutes battery life when used with 18v 10Ah battery (typical)

MBX Technology

The Montipower MBX® power tool easily and effectively removes rust, corrosion, paint, adhesives, sealers, gaskets and vinyl, and also dresses weld seams.

MBX® technology is an environmentally friendly, non-grinding process that does not remove the substrate material or produce hazardous waste.

Its low-speed operation also generates minimal heat, preventing smearing or gumming up of adhesives.

Achieving surface cleanliness levels greater than angle grinders or sanding discs, the MBX® produces a surface cleanliness equivalent to these regularly specified standards:

  • Sa 2 (NACE 3 | SSPC-SP-6)
  • SSPC-SP-3

Also meets requirements of the SSPC-SP-11 Bare Metal standard (minimum 25 micron profile), with its ability to achieve a surface roughness of up to 40 microns for improved new coating adhesion.

Initially developed for the Automotive industry, MBX® technology has now been adopted by many industries, including wind energy, aviation, rail, marine, transportation and maintenance of civic infrastructure.

MBX® drive units are available in Electric, Pneumatic and Cordless versions, with various wire belt and accessory options available to suit a wide range of materials and project requirements:

  • Removal of corrosion, oxidation, rust and scale
  • Removal of manufacturing residues, slag and weld burn
  • Dressing of weld seams
  • Removal of paint and sealers
  • Ideal for feathering into existing coatings
  • Removal of vinyl, decals, reflective tape and adhesives from paint or acrylic glass
  • Roughing of fibreglass, plastic or rubber surfaces for repair or bonding


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