Bristle Blaster PNEUMATIC KIT (SP-647-BMC)

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Bristle Blaster Pneumatic Kit

The Bristle Blaster Pneumatic tool is ATEX approved for use in Zone 1 (potentially explosive atmospheres) making it ideal for use in oil and gas facilities, offshore platforms, fertiliser plants, live pipelines etc.
  • Ultra light weight for easy operation.
  • More powerful with 3500rpm rotational speed.
  • Air-cooling duct.
  • Dead man paddle switch.

Bristle Blaster Pneumatic Drive Unit (SP-699)
Anti-vibration Handle
Adaptor Systems: 11mm x 1, 23mm x 1
Accelerator Bars: 11mm Steel x 1, 23mm Steel x 1
Air Pressure Regulators: 11mm x 1, 23mm x 1
Bristle Blaster Belts: 11mm Steel x 5, 23mm Steel x 5
Blow Mould Case

NOTE: Exhaust attachment in image no longer available.

Rotational speed 3500 rpm
Max working pressure
6.2 bar | 90 psi
Air consumption at max output         
 18 cfm | 9 l/s
Air inlet thread
Recommended hose size 3/8" | 10 mm
Sound pressure 83 dB(A)
Vibration 2 m/sec2
Weight 1.3 kg

Bristle Blasting

The Bristle Blaster® combines the ability to produce an abrasive blasted finish with the high mobility and flexibility of a portable hand-held tool.

  • Easily removes corrosion, coatings, mill scale and other contaminants – without removing healthy material.
  • Produces surface cleanliness equivalent to Sa 2.5 (NACE 2 | SSPC-SP-10) up to Sa 3 (NACE 1 | SSPC-SP-5) while simultaneously creating a surface roughness (anchor profile) up to 120 microns (4.7 mil).
  • Environmentally friendly, non-grinding and grit-free process that produces no hazardous materials, eliminating the need for containment, recycling, or disposal.
  • Negligible heat generation, leaving the surface free of thermal damage and heat marking.
  • Improves surface integrity by generating compressive residual stress for crack growth resistance, improved life and improved corrosion resistance.

Available in Cordless, Electric and Pneumatic versions, the Bristle Blaster Pneumatic tool is also ATEX approved for safe use in Zone 1 (potentially explosive atmospheres) applications.

Typically, lightly rusted surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned at an average rate of 1.1m2 per hour with one 23mm Bristle Blaster wire belt.


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